SAVE THE DATE: LIFE ADNATUR project final event

SAVE THE DATE: LIFE ADNATUR project final event

Europe for Business Ltd would like to draw your attention to LIFE ADNATUR project final event that will be held on 15 September 2016 in ENEA – EU Liason Office (Rue de Namur, 72-74 – 1000 Bruxelles). 

The principal aim of LIFE ADNATUR project has been the assessment, demonstration and validation of the efficacy of a new innovative and environmentally friendly technology, based on natural products. The developed natural based coagulants were tested for the primary treatment of wastewaters, at urban and industrial level. The experiences carried out during the project progress, the main resulted achieved and the promoted activities will be reported and discussed during the final event. Moreover, the participation of specialist scientists and field operators will enhance the programme.

Project coordinator: Miriam Martínez:

For information on the final event, please contact: Roberto Farina: