FETRIC, Tunisia

Advancing S&T cooperation between EU and Tunisia by strengthening bilateral cooperation between research and innovation actors.

The overall objective of the project FETRIC project is to improve the S&T cooperation between EU and Tunisia by strengthening bilateral cooperation between research and innovation actors, especially in the context of the upcoming Horizon 2020 programme and its future evolution. The project is divided into 5 work packages.

  • WP1 is dedicated to "support policy dialogue between Tunisia and the EU" by gathering all the relevant bottom feedback from the project field and contributing to the preparation and implementation of the road map for future STI cooperation in a understandable form for policy-makers.
  • WP2 gives a special focus on the innovation processes in societal challenges of mutual interest such as Scarcity of resources, Energy (specifically renewable energy and energy saving) and High quality affordable food. After an in-depth analysis of the Tunisian STI system, a methodology will be applied to each of the identified societal challenges so as to bring research and innovation actors together and hence align EU – Tunisia science, technology and innovation chain processes.
  • WP3 named "Raising the EU- Tunisia S&T Cooperation" aims at improving knowledge and skills on scientific and technological matters so as to improve the quality and number of partnerships involving both researchers and entrepreneurs from Tunisia and Europe. This will mainly be done through the building and improvement of technical and management skills in the Liaison Office and the Tunisian networks of multipliers it coordinates.
  • WP4 is dedicated to develop efficient "Information, communication and dissemination activities" to increasing the visibility of FETRIC activities to make them more easily available to the scientific and technological communities from Tunisia and EU;
  • Finally, WP5 is dedicated to "General management" of project’s activities and funds with the aim ensure the quality-control of action deliverables, including through an external review committee.

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