Europe for Business presents learning from good practiceat Green Public Procurement of innovations in renewables event

Europe for Business presents learning from good practiceat Green Public Procurement of innovations in renewables event


Europe for Business’s Senior Research and Innovation Advisor, Leonardo Piccinetti,recently presented examples of learning from good practice at the recently held policy co-creation workshop organised by the EU Horizon 2020 funded initiative XPRESS. The XPRESS project itself focuses on supporting the collaboration between local governments and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) via Green Public Procurement (GPP) for the development and adoption of renewables across Europe.


The co-creation workshop, held on July 8th, was organised to facilitate the dialogue between private and public stakeholders with regard to GPPs and the opportunities they can generate as well as the challenges both local authorities and SMEs have to face. A key aim of the workshop, and one supported by EfB’s participation, was to identify good practice examples, considering both barriers (including EU procurement rules) and opportunities.


Mr Piccinetti commented:

‘This highly interactive workshop event was a not-to-be-missed opportunity to find out about the latest research into renewable energy innovations, deployment through Green Public Procurement and insight into environmental impact. Stakeholder opinions and knowledge are central to green solutions, and Europe for Business was delighted to present a best practice scenario based on our work.”



Image: Opinion poll held during the XPRESS GPP Co-creation Workshop.



About Europe for Business


Europe for Business (EFB) is a high-growth knowledge intensive company, with a focus on supporting Industrial and Research organisations in defining and implementing their innovation and research strategies to solve societal problems around the globe. We deliver specifically focused Innovation Management strategies and advanced methodologies, providing support services to private and public organisations in Product and Process Innovation, Technology Transfer, IT solutions and support for research and development projects. EFB is composed of a team of professionals with consolidated experience.





XPRESS is studying Green Public Procurement (GPP) – a system where public sector organisations use their purchasing power to choose environmentally friendly goods and services – and is investigating how this type of procurement could create new markets and provide financial support for RES innovations.


XPRESS is mapping the low carbon energy needs of European cities and municipalities, analysing perceived and actual barriers to investments in RES innovations and is developing new methodologies to evaluate the financial, economic and environmental impact of RES technologies. It will also develop financial tools to support the use of green technologies in European regions and municipalities.


The project is also collecting good practices of financing tools for innovative renewable technologies, focusing particularly on green procurement policies and will create a web platform to gather data, share information and match the needs of public and private organisations.