KATANA Open Call 2 – Call for Products/Services aims to identify products and services with high market potential

KATANA Open Call 2 – Call for Products/Services aims to identify products and services with high market potential

The second open “Call for Products/Services” aims to identify products and services with high market potential. Cross-border (from different eligible countries) and/or cross-sectoral (from different sectors) consortia of 2-4 members each are invited to participate in the second call, providing that at least one (or more) of the partners in each Consortium was among the winners/beneficiaries of KATANA Open Call 1 and has successfully participated in the KATANA training program. The winner of KATANA Open Call 1 must be the leader of newly formed Consortium. If the above criteria has been met, the leader will be the representative of the Consortium with whom KATANA will sign the Sub-Grant Agreement. In case of two winners of Open Call 1 in the same Consortium, the beneficiaries themselves have to mutually agree who will be the leader of the Consortium. Each consortium must propose one product/service from one of the following categories: Precision Agriculture Services, Mobile Services and Functional Foods. It is highly recommended that each consortium’s product/service uses at least one of the three LSD platforms. KATANA will provide the technological framework for three large scale demonstrators (LSDs) in selected emerging industries tangent with the challenges of the agrifood sector.

For the KATANA Open Call 2, Consortia apply by preparing a Reward Crowdfunding Campaign. The winners of the Open Call will be the three products/services from each category (Precision Agriculture Services, Mobile services and Functional Foods) (totaling 9) that will receive the highest amount of contributions in euros and one (1) the next best regardless of category (10 products/services in total) in terms of raising money/received contributions during the Reward Crowdfunding campaign. Those winners will receive 100,000 EUR per consortium (20,000-50,000 EUR per SME/entrepreneur). On top of the 100,000 EUR, consortia will receive 2nd stage support services, e.g. Investment Readiness Program, E-Pitches in front of investors, Export Promotion Training. Also, they will be given access to the KATANA Equity Crowdfunding platform in order to raise an additional funding from private investors to support their expansion. Estimated potential amount of funding raised is calculated to 100.000 EUR, however other amounts can also be considered, based on the needs of the beneficiaries and their business plans for future expansion. KATANA consortium cannot guarantee that private investors will be interested to invest in specific product/service and thus the additional funding will depend on the individual team’s ability to attract private capital. KATANA consortium reserves the right to also invite the non-successful 1st stage beneficiaries to the Equity Crowdfunding platform. Participation in Equity Crowdfunding will be optional for KATANA 2nd stage Beneficiaries.


All the consortia have a deadline to submit their draft Consortium Declaration until 31 August 2017, 17:00 CET using the template provided by KATANA.

The deadline to submit the signed and scanned Consortium Declaration via email is 15 September 2017, 17:00 CET.

Detailed information related to registration procedures can be found in Chapter 4.

The deadline to submit the Reward Crowdfunding campaign through the KATANA Reward Crowdfunding platform is 15 September 2017


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