RECOPHARMA meets Sensors for Water Interest Group

RECOPHARMA meets Sensors for Water Interest Group

RECOPHARMA, represented by Project Partner Leonardo Piccinetti (Europe for Business), last week took part in an informative webinar organised by the Sensors for Water Interest Group (SWIG) in association with NHS Highland and the Scottish Government. The aim was to exploreinnovative sensing technologies that ensure our water is safe and healthy.


Water companies are already thinking about SMART solutions  and how to integrate SMART sensing with large data sets and artificial intelligence. The webinar enabled sensor developers to meet with water companies and health boards to explore how innovation can be developed to overcome important challenges from validation, regulation,and market adoption to ensure safe future water supplies.


The second session, featuring RECOPHARMA, focused on the challenge of detecting and removing pharmaceuticals from the public water supply.


In addition to learning of the challenges and some of the solutions, the event and follow-up discussions provided an opportunity for participants to network and explore potential future collaborations in developing and testing sensing technologies.


Leonardo Piccinetti commented: The development conducted by the RECOPHARMAa consortium would be of primary interest to the Sensors for Water Interest Group. Also, the complementarity Leonardo Piccinetti mentioned during his presentation between academia, R&D and the supply chain is particularly relevant to UK stakeholders as it aligns with SWIG’s mission.