Europe for Business Ltd., EFB, has the pleasure of presenting you the 2nd Newsletter of SKIN Project released in April 2018.


The Short supply chain Knowledge and Innovation Network, SKIN Project, which is a H2020 project that aims to stimulate the creation of a collaborative network in different EU agriculture sectors through the improvement of knowledge exchange among European farmers, researchers, practitioners, policy makers and citizens about Short Food Supply Chains.


In its 2nd Newsletter, the reader will find information about the activities realised by SKIN project, besides the upcoming events that the partners are going to organise under the SKIN framework. As for example, its 4th project meeting organised in Mechelen, Brussels, on 23-25 April 2018, which has the objective to discuss about the results obtained till now.


The reader could learn more about the 100 good practices collected by SKIN consortium, which pretend to integrate and share practical knowledge with those players who would benefit the most from it.


If you want to discover the activities that SKIN Project is going to realise in the second period of project, please, read its 2nd Newsletter.