WEFTEC ​Sustainable ​Water Resources ​Papers

WEFTEC ​Sustainable ​Water Resources ​Papers


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Over a period ​of years, ​papers were ​prepared for ​the annual ​technical ​conferences of ​the Water ​Environment ​Federation (​WEFTEC). ​Although some ​of these papers ​were given in ​the past, the ​ideas in them ​remain relevant ​to the problem ​of how to ​define and ​evaluate ​sustainable ​water resources.​ Now these ​papers are ​available free ​of charge ​courtesy of the ​Water ​Environment ​Federation. ​Following is a ​summary of the ​topics covered ​in the papers, ​which form a ​set of evolving ​concepts from ​beginning to ​end:

  • Selecting ​water resources ​indicators from ​available data ​bases.​
  • Scale issues ​and the ​geography of ​indicators. ​State, regional,​ and local ​indicators.​
  • Report of the ​Sustainable ​Water Resources ​Roundtable on ​national ​indicators.​
  • Public policy ​issues as ​driving forces ​for indicator ​selection.​
  • Sustainability ​of marine ​fisheries ​resources.
  • Sustainability ​indicators and ​biofuels ​production.​
  • Rating ​watershed ​sustainability ​with examples ​from New ​Orleans and Los ​Angeles.​
  • Hydraulic ​fracturing in ​the context of ​sustainable ​water ​management.​